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Based in Littleover, Derby - Serving Derby and surrounding areas. (Mobile Service)

Available 7 days a week.  


        After being recommended by a breeder friend of mine, I first used Anne approx. two years ago for scanning, after being very dissatisfied with my local vet who I might add was very costly .Anne is around 25 miles from where I live , I breed long coat German Shepherds in the main, my first scan that Anne did was spot on with regard to numbers as has every scan since been very accurate .

Earlier this year (2016) I had a bitch whelp 4 puppies at home & then got into difficulty, after taking her to my repro vet, Abdul @ Blagreaves vets in Derby, just around the corner from Anne, I was advised after Oxytocin had been given with no outcome to pop round to Anne’s for a scan, Abdul called Anne for me & we were seen immediately, being advised of one dead pup & possibly one live pup, back to the vets for a section, we had one dead pup & 2 live pups, Anne you saved lives on that day, simply by being there for us when we needed you, for that I cannot thank you enough, as whelping is a very stressful time for all breeders without having difficulties. All of this with the added bonus of Anne & my vet being just around the corner & quite happily working together for the health of dog’s.

 Six months ago I brought one of my females along with my stud dog  to Anne

for assisted mating….Ava didn't take,so on Annes advice when Ava came back in season we did progesterone testing @ Blagreaves vets,after a little over two & a half weeks it was time “to get the deed done” so off we went with my stud dog I decided to enlist Anne's services again and go along the route of having help with the matings,we are waiting now to do Ava’s scan(once we have results I will post again). I have always found Anne to be extremely friendly & very very professional,always at the other end of the phone for advice etc I would now NEVER go anywhere else,Annes prices are extremely competitive but even if they weren't I would still travel to her.

   On my last visit I also noticed Anne & her husband Andy are now offering

grooming/bathing services,I have had two of my house dog’s bathed & dried by them both,my dog’s were made to feel comfortable & happy with ever process,one may have gotten a little playful by trying to dance around the bath,but hey hey she enjoyed it (sorry Andy if you got super wet with Amber).again very competitive prices & so much so I will certainly use this service on a regular basis(they smelt like baby powder afterwards) even my son who notices not much with the dog’s said” wow Mum they smell great & look at their coats” a recommendation in itself.

                   Thank you Anne & Andy one happy client & her dog’s xx

Hi Ann …  

Just a note to say thank you for your accurate estimate on Indy’s scan.

At her 28 day scan you saw 9 puppies and said don't go to bed after the ninth one. Indy went onto deliver 9 healthy puppies and was then happy and relaxed. Twelve hours after the ninth puppy was born, Indy delivered number 10 - good job I don't leave her side!! A big thank you for providing such a brilliant canine scanning service - we wouldn't be without you and thoroughly recommend your skills.

Happy Christmas !!  Regards  Sue Quain

 Here's Cutie our miracle baby ...

He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you ! Just thought I'd let everyone know, not only are you a friendly caring amazing scanner you also helped me when I struggled with 3 small bulldog babies. You taught me how to tube feed, gave me life saving advice and supplied me with the vital equipment when the vets i was using failed me deeply. Unfortunately I was too late with the 2 small boys but Cutey here is still here and growing rapidly and is very healthy. It is without doubt you have helped me save her life and I thank you very much for that. From the A.I to scanning through to advice and equipment sales, I would and will recommend your services to anyone an everyone 5*****


Thank goodness for Anne!

Our dogs, Jake and Tilly, mated and tied before we could stop them and we were complete novices and had no idea what to do.  Fortunately Anne is pretty close to us and she helped us out.

Throughout Tilly’s pregnancy we had the reassurance of Anne’s presence and extensive knowledge and we were so excited to be able to see puppies on the 20 something day scan.  What a day that was!

The day (or rather night!) that Tilly started whelping Anne was here with us every step of the way. We even had a pup born in the garden!

We are eternally grateful to Anne for helping us with our first litter.  Thank you Anne.

Tilly and her seven healthy pups born were on 24th August 2007


I first found Anne on the Internet a few years ago. I had mated my bullmastiff bitch & found some vets either didn't know what they were doing or were very expensive.

I contacted Anne who booked me for a scan with our girl Maisie. I was delighted with how professional & friendly her services were & the cost was very affordable, even if you had to scan 2/3 dogs at once, not to mention the scan picture she gave me of our first bullmastiff litter!

Since then i have been back & recommended Anne to several breeder friends, who have used her services & that of her local Vet who is very breeder friendly (Abdul at Blagreaves Veterinary Centre). all of whom have been very happy with Anne's services & advice.

 I will certainly be back soon & will continue to recommend Anne & her vet

Thank you Anne!!  Kathy & Steve Lane,  Lanebern St Bernards,


Anne you are a wonder woman, a wealth of knowledge and experiences.

We had our 1st ever litter through the night of 15/10/09.

 The boy came with a bark from the mum in our sleep, the 2nd (girl)was born on the lawn. We have to say that without the advise you gave us at the scan stage and after the whelping we would not have progressed through it and beyond without being at the mercy of what we have to conclude was our unknowledgeable vet wishing to frighten us into using their services (very professional we don't think).

  Anne you have saved us heartache by the bucketful, and considerable money. We are going to have no hesitation coming back to you and we recommend you to everyone we can. Whatever your dreams are we sincerely wish you achieve them.

Thank you so much

Love Terry and Gifty


Anne scanned our Shih-Tzu bitch Annie and gave us the good news that she was 5 weeks pregnant!

Anne had been recommended to us by the kennels we used and we are so glad and thankful that we used her services!

After a routine pregnancy 'check up' with the vet, they disbelieved Annie's gestation of 5 weeks, and even after informing them that l had seen the scan they went on to say that Annie had probably re-absorbed a couple of puppies as she was not big enough to be carrying 4 and would not have enough milk!

Besides this being impossible after 5 weeks gestation, it was greatly upsetting to hear. I contacted Anne immediately and told her this and asked if she would re-scan Annie as soon as possible. She scheduled an appointment at short notice into her very busy day for the following afternoon and she confirmed everything she had told me previously. Anne put my mind at rest and

Annie, due on date a week and a half later gave birth to 4 beautiful and healthy pups!! She has had no trouble feeding them and 3 weeks later they are all doing well and gaining weight.

Without Anne's help, advice and reassurance this whole episode would of been a very unnecessarily worrying time. I would highly recommend Anne's services, this lady knows her stuff and would take her advice over any vets!!

A few photo's of Annie and her puppies......

How can we ever thank Anne enough for her excellent help and guidance? Even before our bitch came into season, we relied
on her expertise in the field of ovulation testing. Once Anne had pinpointed the optimum day, she then offered mating assistance, pregnancy scanning, and was even on hand when labour day arrived. And, when things didn’t go according to plan in the following weeks, Anne really saved the day, giving invaluable advice, drawn from her wealth of experience in hand rearing puppies. This, plus her limitless patience and sympathetic ear, steered us through a very stressful time and ensured a happy outcome.

At the outset of this journey we sought a mating and scanning service. At its conclusion we have made a genuine friend. Thanks so much, Anne, for being there for us when we needed you.                                     Carol Day

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