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Artificial Insemination  

Mating Assistance     

Most male dogs will allow themselves to be collected from when presented with a bitch in season, this also gives an opportunity to asses the sperm under a microscope prior to insemination, if requested by the stud dog owner. The insemination of the bitch is a quick and simple procedure.

Why do Artificial Insemination ?

Some young dogs are easily put off and even ruined for life if they have a bad experience with a difficult bitch. Collecting from a male dog, while in very close proximity to a bitch in season, can often give him confidence for the future.

There are viral and bacterial infections which can be passed on during a natural mating. There are bacteria present in both the bitches vagina and the males sheath which can be exchanged at this time, therefore a possibility of infecting one another can arise. The most recent talked and worried about amongst breeders is the Canine Herpesvirus.

Pain experienced by one or both of the parties during mating, narrowness of the genital tract, or lack of libido.

 Certain dominant females may not accept a particular male and for reasons unknown to us, some dogs just simply don’t like each other, this can make it difficult to keep a planned breeding programme on track. A difference in size can cause problems and inexperience in one or both partners can render a fruitful union impossible.

 An older stud dog, who is possibly still perfectly fertile, but not as agile, will use less exertion with this method and therefore can be included, if desired, in a breeding programme for much longer.


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(There are certain guidelines set down by the Kennel Club on Artificial Insemination, please visit their website.)