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Based in Littleover, Derby - Serving Derby and surrounding areas. (Mobile Service)

Available 7 days a week.  

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Pregnancy Scanning

Pregnancy Scanning  8am – 8pm

Why have your bitch scanned ?

Scanning your bitch can be beneficial for many reasons,

Distinguish between a pregnancy and a phantom.

           Be able to plan ahead sooner. (Planning your show season).

           Get your bitch acclimatized to her whelping quarters sooner.

           Adjust her food accordingly.

           Informing potential customers sooner of your expected litter. 

Scanning is non invasive and safe, there is no need to anaesthetise or sedate your bitch, it is always done in the standing position whatever breed, as lying on their side or back can cause them to be unsettled and is totally unnecessary. A water based gel is used on the tummy to help ensure a clear picture, a very small amount of hair on heavily coated breeds may need to be clipped away to let the probe make contact with the skin, but this is only ever done with the owners permission.

Pregnancy detection can be carried out 28 days from the last mating and at anytime thereafter. 28 days is the optimum time for estimating the amount of puppies due, as the pregnancy develops it is more difficult to predict numbers.  

During the scan I can freeze the ultrasound picture on the screen and email you a photograph of the puppies for your interest.