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Based in Littleover, Derby - Serving Derby and surrounding areas. (Mobile Service)

Available 7 days a week.  

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There seems to be more and more untrained individuals buying cheap Chinese Scanners with no Canine Software and more worryingly with no specific training offering scanning services to the unsuspecting breeder, I am now seeing at least one breeder a week who has had a previous scan elsewhere (including some veterinary practices) that have been given wrong information, scanning is always only an estimation of puppies to be expected, but this month alone I have had one client told that his bitch was "possibly having one viable puppy" and when I scanned the same bitch the next day could clearly see and point out to the owner that there were in fact 6 puppies, two of which were in the process of being reabsorbed and another who was told her bitch was having one puppy and the person pointed out "a spine" (this bitch was 7 weeks at time of scanning) and when I scanned her a few days later there was no sign of that puppy anywhere.

I use a top of the range Digital Ultrasound Machine loaded with specific Canine Software, which enables a clear digital image and have had professional training.

I am aware that there are knowledgeable/reputable scanning services offered around the country, but urge you to choose these people carefully, recommendation from fellow breeders is usually the best route to follow and not to let yourself be misled by glossy websites and widespread advertising